Carolanne’s Dance - harmonium and violin (commissioned)

     Eighty Rocks - jazz ensemble (commissioned)

     For Malala Yousufzai, Aisha Ibraham Duhulo, and… - piano solo

     Twenty Moons in the Big Canyon - collection for piano solo (Poetry by E. Richard Hart)

     Our Paths Cross - flute and piano (commissioned)

     Mystery in a Gray Room - piano solo

     False Promises: Lost Land of the Wenatchi - string quartet, piano, trumpet, bass, drums, Native American singers (soundtrack for documentary film of the same name; NW Regional Emmy award winnter for best score.)

     A Musical Gift - collection of graded pieces for piano solo

     When Phaedra Sang - koto

     Dreams of the Internal Animals - collection for flute/piccolo, trumpet, three saxophones, piano bass, percussion (commissioned)

     Bleysphemous and Hadenistic - two trumpets, three saxes, trombone, tuba, two percussionists (D.M.A. dissertation composition)

     Playground Piece - brass quintet (commissioned)

     Chameleon - piano solo

     Basslines - double bass and piano

     Trapunto and the Nine Patch Chain - piano solo

     Philoxenia - marimba and two mandolins

     Holuléa - two violins and piano

     Boulders and Whiteclouds - brass quintet

     Four Miniatures - oboe, bassoon, guitar

     Quartet for Strings

     Autumn Quartet - string quartet

     Tribute - string quartet

     Fantasy for Flute and Piano

     Gypsy - suite for violin and piano


     Vocal music from Lonesome as the Land - voice and harmonium; Enlisted Today - Poetry anonymous; Ball’s Bluff A Reverie - Poetry by Herman Melville; Jacket of Gray - Poetry by Caroline Augusta Ball; An uninscribed Monument - Poetry by Herman Melville; Because I Could Not Stop for Death - Poetry by Emily Dickinson; O Captain! My Captain! - Poetry by Walt Whitman; The Blue and the Gray - Poetry anonymous. 

     Born and Raised to Be - piano, classical guitar, viola, cello, mezzo soprano (commissioned); Poetry by Abby Miller.

    The Darkling Thrush - SATB and piano; Poetry by Thomas Hardy.

     The Duet - two female voices, flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, vibes, piano, bass, drums

     Sestina Kyrie - soprano, three percussionists, speaking chorus (D.M.A> dissertation composition; Poetry Carolon Kremers.

     The Right Madness on Sklye - SATB, string quartet, English horn; Poetry Richard Hugo.

     Al Pie Desde Su Niño - mezzo soprano and piano; Poetry by Pablo Neruda.

Large Ensemble:

     Modal Milonga - wind ensemble (commissioned)

     Autumn Symphony - (awarded commission)

     Tributary - for orchestra (commissioned)


     New Friends, and Old

     Damn Mouse

     Lullaby for Myles

     A Trip to Sonia Wang’s

     Lou Boldt Theme


     Surrounded by Green

     Bar Twlk


     Chevkov’s Eyes

     Veering Toward Purple

     Albanton and Pythagoras

     The Nine

     Finnegan’s Awake